Press Release: Cambrian Bio Named an Honoree of Fast Company's Next Big Things in Tech Award

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December 5, 2023


Cambrian Bio

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2023 -- Cambrian Bio, a New York-based clinical-stage drug development company, is among the honorees for Fast Company's Next Big Things in Tech 2023. The purpose of the award is to celebrate technological breakthroughs that are changing the way we live.

Founded in 2019 by James Peyer, PhD., Cambrian develops therapeutics targeting key biological pathways that decline or malfunction with age to create medicines that have the potential to treat and prevent some of today's most debilitating diseases. Each program is launched within Cambrian in collaboration with top drug developers and leading scientists. While many companies focus solely on treating diseases after symptoms manifest, Peyer sees a world where we don't wait for someone to get sick before intervening.

"Thank you, Fast Company, for honoring our team's work as we create new technology to improve the health and performance of our cells and bodies," said James Peyer, CEO of Cambrian Bio.

The recognition specifically called out Telos Biotech, a Cambrian pipeline company which emerged from stealth mode this year after launching with scientific co-founders Enzo Tedone and Mohammad Sayed out of the lab of Jerry Shay at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Telos aims to overcome cell aging and replicative lifespan limits caused by critically short telomeres. Its novel recombinant protein, Telovance™, is designed to lengthen the shortest telomeres rapidly and safely. If successful, Telovance™ could aid innovative cell therapy companies in fulfilling their commitment to curing highly severe and treatment-resistant cancers, and making these therapies accessible to those who need them the most.

"The idea of correcting telomere shortening is the reason I entered science in the early 2000s, so the science at Telos is the realization of a 20-year dream for me. Back then, we understood the link between telomere shortening and cellular senescence but found no safe way to lengthen them without a substantial risk of enabling cancers to grow faster and more aggressively. Now, if we're right, Telovance will represent the first time that telomere extension will enter modern biotech, and it could be the first step of many."

Additionally, Amplifier Therapeutics and Tornado Therapeutics, are two other pipeline companies within Cambrian that have garnered significant interest in the fields of metabolism and infectious disease research, respectively.

ATX-304, the flagship drug of Amplifier Therapeutics, possesses the properties that experts in the field describe as 'the holy grail of geroscience'. ATX-304 is a peripherally restricted pan-AMPK activator with the potential to aid in weight loss and possibly improve cardiac health by increasing metabolism, and it was recently dosed in the first patients in Amplifier's Phase 1b clinical trial.

Tornado Therapeutics is developing safer and more effective mTOR inhibitors to treat aging-related diseases. Its most advanced asset is currently undergoing IND-enabling studies, while a second asset is in the pre-clinal testing stage.

Cambrian's diversified and scalable structure is well-positioned to capitalize on the largest value generating opportunities in the market and address the unmet needs of the global population to ultimately achieve its primary goal of increasing the years that people spend in good health.

About Cambrian Bio

Cambrian Bio is a clinical-stage drug development company focused on creating therapeutics targeting key biological pathways that decline or malfunction with age. The medicines developed at Cambrian have the potential to treat and prevent some of today's most debilitating diseases. Each program at Cambrian is run by its R&D team in collaboration with a team of experts dedicated to a Pipeline Company (PipeCo). This model allows Cambrian to develop new drugs efficiently with highly qualified individuals, partner flexibly across the healthcare ecosystem, and return rewards to the scientists whose vision and drive build new medicines. To date, Cambrian Bio has more than a dozen novel therapeutics in its pipeline. For more information, please visit or follow us on X @CambrianBio and LinkedIn.

Cambrian Bio