A true partner in the pursuit of expanded healthspan

Cambrian’s scientists and company-building experts closely partner with pipeline company (PipeCo) teams, offering scientific and organizational insights and support for a significant edge in a complex, rapidly evolving field.

Mission Statement

Our Commitment
Creating a world where people can be physically and mentally healthy for their entire first century of life.

Who we are
Cambrian develops medicines to protect people from age-related chronic diseases by increasing healthspan and lifespan.

How we operate
Cambrian advances an expansive pipeline of therapies in parallel, from breakthroughs in the lab through clinical trials in humans.

Our Values

Big ideas, distilled to practice
Always have a hypothesis
Take bold, measured risks
Be brilliant together
Character matters

Our Values

  • Big Ideas, Distilled to Practice
  • Always Have a Hypothesis
  • Take Bold, Measured Risks
  • Be Brilliant Together
  • Character Matters
“Over the next 10 or 15 years, Cambrian wants to bring the way that we treat the diseases of aging into the 21st century by preventing them from happening, instead of waiting for people to get sick, the same way that we learned how to prevent and reverse the pathologies of infectious diseases like smallpox and polio in the 20th century.”

James Peyer

CEO and Founder of Cambrian Bio

Our Approach

Cambrian’s sourcing and development engine allows us to identify promising science, deploy capital and teams of drug development experts, and provide stewardship to advance new medicines that will lengthen healthspan. By leveraging established expertise and repeatable functional models, we achieve vast efficiencies in execution speed and resource utilization.

Cambrian’s hypothesis-driven approach and industry-leading portfolio of drug candidates provides for multiple “shots on goal” as we endeavor to discover breakthroughs to disrupt the biology of aging – first to treat disease, and ultimately to prevent it.

The Story

We combine scientific rigor with an audacious mission: developing transformative, effective and safe therapies to extend healthspan. A crucial aspect of our vision is making these therapies widely available, wherever possible.